17 June 2006

Windsor v. The Holy Spirit.

Ephraim Radner of the Anglican Communion Institute reacts to some GC silliness (or, perhaps, peniciousness):

"I am not surprised that there is an argument at GC over whether or not to vote on the clear recommendations of the Windsor Report. After all, that is precisely what GC has been asked to do by the rest of the Communion, and doing so constitutes the practical nub of the peculiar challenge that the Episcopal Church and Communion are facing with respect to their future life together. We all expect disagreement on this matter. What appalls me is hearing representatives of our church charged with this decision describing it in terms of a choice between adopting the “language of the Windsor Report” or being “led by the Holy Spirit”. Were the stakes not so high in preserving a functioning church at all, describing the choice this way would simply be silly, and not pernicious, as in fact it is..."



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