11 July 2006

Bishops & The Bomb.

C of E bishops weigh in on Britain's defense budget:

"Nineteen bishops have joined the row over the replacement of Britain's nuclear weapons by warning the Prime Minister that the possession of Trident is "evil" and "profoundly anti-God".

In a letter published in The Independent today, the bishops give weight to the growing opposition among Labour MPs to the plan to approve the Trident replacement by the end of the year..."

Here's the whole thing. It is certainly true that "mutually assured destruction" is an inherently immoral policy (all the more reason, in a dangerous world, to support research & development of a "strategic defense initiative" or other missile shield.) Odd to me, though, that the good bishops' letter apparently makes no objection to these weapons on the obvious "Just War" - ius in bello grounds: the use of these weapons precludes discrimination between combatants and non-combatants (this may not be the case with "tactical nuclear weapons").


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