04 August 2006

Good Listening.

Great news - Mars Hill Audio, whose audio journal is only available by subscription (and well worth it) is now producing a free monthly podcast called "Audition":

Audition is the new podcast produced by MARS HILL AUDIO. Hosted by Ken Myers, this first issue includes an exclusive interview with theologian and bioethicist Nigel Cameron on how bioethical issues are discussed in public debate. It also features excerpts from interviews that can be heard on current and future issues of the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal. Guests and topics include:

• Cultural historian Stephen McKnight on the religious beliefs of Sir Francis Bacon
• Biologist Tim Morris on why Creation and Redemption have to be seen as part of the same story
• Music historian Calvin Stapert on how Mozart's music conveys a sense of the goodness of Creation
• Orthodox theologian and master gardener Vigen Guroian on how the senses convey the transcendent
• Humanities professor Paul Valliere on why Orthodox thought on politics differs from that in the Western churches
• Law professor Russell Hittinger on the origins of the idea of "society" in Catholic social thought
• Historian Mark Noll on how Protestants flourished in America by not asking some important questions
• Journalist Stephen Miller on his book, Conversation: A History of a Declining Art.

New issues of Audition will be produced at the end of every month, and will contain material from the MARS HILL AUDIO archives, from forthcoming products, and unique interviews on timely cultural issues.



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