19 September 2006

Get Me Out Of Jail!

HELP! I'm to be incarcerated on 3 October - all part of an effort to support the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. Please click here to make a donation towards my $1,000 bail. Every little bit helps!

What Your Dollars Will Buy:

$25 Flu Shot
$63 One minute of research
$100 One support group session
$150 One physical, occupational or respiratory therapy consultation
$200 Professional fees related to initial diagnostic work-up at an MDA clinic
$500 Assists one person for one year with the repair of a wheelchair or leg braces
$600 Sends one child to MDA summer camp
$1,200 Pays for one year of Support Group meetings helping families cope with the challenges of neuromuscular disease
$2,000 Assists one person with the purchase of a wheelchair, leg braces or communication device
$3,780 Pays for an hour of MDA’s research seeking treatments and cures for more than 40 neuromuscular diseases.
$6,000 Sends 10 of ‘Jerry’s kids’ to MDA summer camp for a week of fun and recreation geared to their abilities.

Your bail money is put to good use: 76% of every dollar MDA raises goes directly to research, health care services and education.


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