01 November 2006

The Body & The Blood & The Saints.

Br. Hugh Vincent Dyer, OP. on the "Eucharistic Life of the Saints":

"In Manhattan I’ve seen hundreds of people at a time standing in line to have a book autographed by its author. I've seen people braving all sorts of weather to get a signature from Dennis Rodman or Hillary Rodham Clinton, grasping for the slightest share in the fame of another.

Yet, what does this seeking after vicarious fame get them? At the time of death, do they risk being left with the agonizing memory of a wasted life?

In chasing after fame, what many people fail to recognize is the unrepeatable opportunity open to each of us, as children of God. Human beings are not called to be famous, but to give their lives in love for the lives of others.

The saints have stood in another line, seeking to have the book of their lives signed. The author is the Author of Life, and his signature, like that of the poor and illiterate man, is a simple mark, a cross. This mark offers no mere vicarious share in fame, but like all marks made by God, this signature is personal and transforming. . . "

Here's the whole thing.


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