28 November 2006

Pro-Life, Pro-Sex.

The latest issue of NOEL For Life's newsletter is available online in .pdf format. From the cover article by Alan Medinger, which is a brief explication of John Paul the Great's Theology of the Body:

Today, except for books on marriage, most (if not all) Christian resources dealing with sex and sexuality are written to address the problems of sexual sin in order to help people break free from them. In our ministry we are all too aware how pervasive these problems are, and so nearly every day we are recommending one or more of these excellent resources to those who struggle with sexual sin. But there is a danger here. For even when we are aiming to fix the problem, focusing in on sexual sin and struggles can easily take our eyes off the goodness of sexuality.

In contrast, imagine if you will, a Christian book dealing with sexuality that has little focus on adultery, homosexuality or masturbation. Now imagine a book like this based on the teaching of a man who never married and who quite likely never engaged in sexual intercourse. What I’m describing is the teaching of the late Pope John Paul II in his Theology of the Body. . .


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