03 February 2007

St. B's & Darfur.

An announcement today from the Anglican Communion Network involving one of our sister parishes here in the Diocese of Tennessee:

Anglican Communion Network affiliates have an extraordinary opportunity to support the efforts of St. Bartholomew’s, an ACN parish located in Nashville, Tennessee. St. Bartholomew’s is coordinating a nationwide appeal to “Save Darfur” with Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail, the Bishop of the Kadugli/Nuba Mountains Diocese, Episcopal Church of Sudan. The goal is to provide emergency relief aid to the Darfurians in this region.

As many as 400,000 people have died and millions have been forcibly displaced due to the continuing attacks on the Darfur province in western Sudan by the government of Sudan’s ruling Islamist regime and their proxy militias, “Janjaweed.” Over 2,000 Darfurian men, women, and children have fled for their lives, walking more than 1,000 miles to find refuge in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. There they sleep on the bare ground in tents the U.N provides. Nuba Christians and Muslims alike, who themselves know what it is like to be the victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing, are sharing what little they have with these most recent victims of Khartoum’s jihad. The Darfurian refugees are traumatized; many have witnessed the slaughter of their families. They are also in great physical need of food, blankets, and eating and cooking utensils.



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