23 February 2007

Wm. Wilberforce: The Movie.

Charlotte Allen considers that the new film "Amazing Grace" distorts the passion that drove William Wilberforce to compaign for the abolishment of the slave trade in England.

Nowadays it is all too common--and not only in Hollywood--to assume that conservative Christian belief and a commitment to social justice are incompatible. Wilberforce's embrace of both suggests that this divide is a creation of our own time and, so to speak, sinfully wrong-headed. Unfortunately director Apted, as he recently told Christianity Today magazine, decided to play down Wilberforce's religious convictions--that would be too "preachy," he said--and instead turned his story into a yarn of political triumph. The film's original screenwriter, Colin Welland, who wrote the screenplay for the acclaimed and unabashedly Christian "Chariots of Fire," was replaced.

The movie "Amazing Grace" nods occasionally in the direction of granting a role to faith in social reform, but it would do us all well to supplement our time in the movie theater by doing some reading about the heroic and amazing Christian who was the real William Wilberforce.

Good article - here's the whole thing.
For learning more about Wilberforce - or just for something good to read, I highly recommend Garth Lean's God's Politician.


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