29 November 2007

Know Bo Now.

Really fine piece by Micahel Weinreb on man, myth, legend Bo Jackson (drawn to our attention by Dr. Jackson - no relation):

For those of us who came of age in the 1980s, watching Bo take on both professional baseball and professional football at the same time, the myth and the man long ago became tangled. Bo hits a 600-foot home run! Bo tramples Ronnie Lott! Bo snaps a Louisville Slugger over his knee! Bo snaps a Louisville Slugger over his head! Bo hits a batting-practice home run left-handed! Bo parts a major body of water! Bo cures lymphoma!

There have always been stories like this, passed on in a telephone game from one generation to the next -- about Babe Ruth, about Josh Gibson, about Red Grange, about Marion Motley and Jim Brown and Mickey Mantle -- and they seemed apocryphal, almost silly, in their exaggeration. The difference, of course, was that we actually saw Bo part the Red Sea on our televisions. We saw it with our own eyes; even those moments that weren't televised were documented and sometimes photographed. In 1986, in a minor-league ballpark in Charlotte, N.C., a young journalist named Joe Posnanski watched Jackson hit his first professional home run, and then realized Jackson had broken his bat. "Bo's destiny," Posnanski would write in The Kansas City Star, more than 20 years later, "was to become a comic-book hero."

Here's the whole thing.


Blogger Benjamin said...

Being acknowledged in the preamble to this post is equivalent in mine eye to receiving the Heisman Trophy and the MLB All-Star Game MVP. Ben Jackson hereby makes it clear that Ben Jackson's internet career has reached its pinnacle. Bo Jackson forever...

29 November, 2007 19:44  

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