31 January 2008

The Lost Gospel of "Lost"

"I think religion becomes most meaningful in people’s lives when it’s told in the form of stories, where people can connect. I always judge a homily on how well a priest does at integrating whatever lessons of the week are in the gospel into stories. And those stories are the ones that I think really land for the parishioners much more so than some kind of didactic analysis of the readings or the gospel. I feel like that’s kind of our role as storytellers on the show - to try to take those themes which really are meaningful for people and put them in forms of good yarns and stories.”

Carleton Cuse, executive producer of "Lost," from his interview on "Personally Speaking with Monsignor Jim Lisante." Found on "Personally Speaking" producer Tony Rossi's blog, The Intersection.
Via Dawn Eden, who among other things, is to be our speaker at this spring's parish retreat.


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