03 July 2008

Evocation v. Connoirsseurship

"The pleasure of knocking back bourbon lies in the plane of the aesthetic but at the opposite pole from connoisseurship. My preference for the former is or is not deplorable depending on one's value systems - that is to say, how one balances out the Epicurean virtues of cultivating one's sensory end organs with the greatest discrimination and at least cost to one's health, against the virtue of evocation of time and memory and of the recovery of self and the past from the fogged-in disoriented Western world. In Kierkegaardian terms, the use of bourbon to such an end is a kind of aestheticized religious mode of existence, whereas connoisseurship, the discriminating but single-minded stimulation of sensory end-organs, is the aesthetic of damnation.
Walker Percy, via Matthew Lickona.


Blogger Fr Jay Scott Newman said...

And Walker knew from boubon.

At the end of a long day of apostolic labors, there's nothing quite so pleasant as sittin and sippin a little corn juice.

05 July, 2008 07:06  

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