03 August 2008

Killer, Lover.

While Wladek “Killer” Kowalski was feared by wrestling fans throughout the world, alter ego Walter Kowalski was a kind, gentle man with a heart of gold who wouldn’t swat a fly. A vegetarian who neither smoked nor drank, he loved poetry and classical music, especially Mozart, and was a deep thinker who studied theology and metaphysics. While fans lustily booed him every time he stepped inside the ring, unbeknownst to them, Killer would meditate, visualizing an image of Jesus casting his light over the ring and the crowd.

. . .

A master of the dreaded claw hold when it was one of the most dangerous weapons in the profession, Kowalski was perpetual motion in the ring, wrestling’s version of a great white shark who never slowed down the pace.

Great profile of one of wrastlin's great
villains. Here's the whole thing.


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