07 April 2006

Proposed Windsor Response.

The ECUSA "Special Commission on Comunion" has released its report dealing with the Windsor Report, much discussed in the days following the recent House of Bishops Meeting. Rumors led many to supposed that it might represent a significant turning with regard to the HoB's willingness to live into the relationships of mutual submission that is life-in-communion, but on first glance it appears to be pretty thin gruel - to wit, the "extreme caution" language re elevation to the episcopate of those involved in sexual relationships outside Christian marriage and the continued de facto "local option" policy on the blessing of so-called same-sex unions (in both cases as oppossed to the moratoria called for by the Windsor Report). But take a look and judge for yourself (.pdf document).


Anonymous Scott K said...

I have to admit, I allowed the comments from various bishops in the past two weeks raise my hopes slightly that GC might seriously re-evaluate the consecration of active homosexuals and the blessing of same-sex marriages.

It looks like I was being way too optimistic. That'll teach me. These proposed resolutions are more of the same - a pledge to proceed headlong in the same direction couched in words that sound conciliatory, but mean nothing.

"Excercise extreme caution" - meaningless. Like the statement from Oasis/California said, that's always good advice and is no bar (for them) to electing a candidate in a non-marital sexual relationship.

One of the problems is, resolutions talk about "gay and lesbian" members of the church but that means different things to different people. I can wholeheartedly endorse resolutions to support gay/lesbian folks as full members of the church; but I make a distinction between orientation and behavior. However, to the folks at Oasis or Integrity, accepting GLBT members includes accepting - celebrating, even - that behavior.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the final adopted resolutions say. If they pass as proposed, I don't expect very many in the communion to fall for it.

07 April, 2006 22:49  

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