23 October 2006

Blessed Flannery, Scare Us.

As Halloween approaches, it's good to know that Flannery O'Conner is still freaking people out:

". . . I couldn’t move for about a minute. My eyes were so wide, I thought I might be blinded by the low-hanging red winter sun. The only words I could formulate in response to my husband’s bemused look were, “Oh my God.” And then, “Did you see that?”

I was a little shaky getting back in the car, but when I shut the door, the release of my held breath seemed to scour out the last of my fear; with my next breath, it was replaced with a numb daze. I had taken the wheel; Gary took out the map, and I obeyed all his directions to get on the highway with no argument—not a word. I noticed my glassy-looking eyes reflected in the rearview mirror.

As the adrenalin subsided, I was filled with a sense of wonderment. It wasn’t until we got to Macon and told the story to our friends that I realized: Flannery had indeed blessed me with a deeply personal (and quite proper) scaring. . ."

Here's the whole thing.
If she'd been shadowed by creepy peafowl, then I'd really believe it.


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