06 February 2007

What's So Funny. . .

. . . about peace, love, and sectarianism?

An editorial urges the Archbishop of Canterbury to kill the Communion:

The question now is how much damage the end of the Communion would do to the Church of England. That depends partly on Dr Williams. The Established Church is founded on an English pragmatism that finds space for Catholic and Protestant, liberal and conservative. Alas, that pragmatism cannot be exported.

The Anglican Communion is one of several supra-national bodies (such as the Commonwealth) whose ambitions no longer correspond to reality. Dr Williams should let it fade away, and instead apply his intellect to holding together our national Church.

Here's the whole thing, via TitusOneNine. Thankfully, his Grace has shown no interest in trading in the Gospel for a mess of racist, elitist pottage.


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