22 March 2007

Read All About It.

Press coverage of the House of Bishops' meeting:

The Tennessean picks up the AP story and tacks on this local bit:

"I'm disappointed," said the Rev. Jerry Smith, rector of Nashville's St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church. "It will cause difficulty in us creating an ongoing conversation. I'm afraid that (the bishops') failure to accept the communiqué will be an excuse for schism."

If that were to happen, Smith said he has faith in the newly installed local bishop, the Right Rev. John Bauerschmidt, to steer the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee.

The 15,000-member diocese is believed to be largely conservative theologically but also has members and clergy who strongly support the bishops' affirmation of same-sex unions.

"I believe he will be able to lead us through this if we let him," Smith said. "I believe some people will not let him do that."

The Rev. Bob Cowperthwaite, the rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Franklin, said that while he had not read the entire bishops' statement, "the things I've seen so far I feel very comfortable with."
Cowperthwaite cast a vote in favor of the consecration of the openly gay New Hampshire bishop, Gene Robinson, in 2003.



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