11 December 2007

Lots Of Lists.

From Time magazine, the top ten oddball stories of 2007:
#9. Buzz-Worthy Toads

In October, a Kansas City man was arrested for possession of a peculiar type of drug paraphernalia: a toad. It turns out smoking dried toad venom is an effective, albeit gnarly, way to get high. The venom, which is secreted by the Sonoran Desert toad when it gets angry or scared, contains a hallucinogen called bufotenine. And if "toad-smoking" sounds unbeatably outlandish, consider sniffing jenkem, i.e., the fumes from fermented human sewage. This recreational drug, which originated in Zambia, is also called butt hash.

And so a new term enters the American lexicon. Thanks, Julie, for your contribution to the coarsening of the culture! Here are 50 more 2007 top ten lists.


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