14 January 2008

Modest Video.

The Ethics & Public Policy Center has posted video (the whole thing) of its Dawn Eden-organized event, "Modest Proposals: A Conversation About Sex on Campus." From the event blurb:

Many college campuses across the country report rising numbers of sexual assaults, date rapes, and sexually-transmitted infections. And there is reason to believe the "hook up" culture -- the prevalence of sexual activity with "no strings attached" -- is affecting students’ mental health.

Are students today well-educated about healthy relationships? Are college administrators taking the right approach to reducing health risks? On November 13, 2007, five experts came together to discuss the state of affairs on campus -- and some modest proposals.

Laura Sessions Stepp is a Washington Post writer and author of Unhooked (2007).
Dr. Miriam Grossman
is a campus psychiatrist at UCLA and author of Unprotected (2006).
Wendy Shalit
is author of A Return to Modesty (1999) and Girls Gone Mild (2007).
Cassandra DeBenedetto
is a recent graduate of Princeton University and founder of Princeton's Anscombe Society.
Dawn Eden
is director of the Cardinal Newman Society's Love and Responsibility Program and author of The Thrill of the Chaste (2007).



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