08 April 2006

The God-On-My-Terms Church.

"...I may have been becoming an intellectually convinced Christian, but I was not prepared to submit my free will to anyone. I wanted God on my terms - and I knew that that was not part of the bargain in Catholicism. Was there a place where I could have the liturgical beauty I craved, without having to change my beer-swilling college boy sexual ethics? Yes there was. And so I became an Episcopalian.

It didn't take, of course. No religion that gives you the freedom to make up your own mind about things, particularly matters as powerful as sex, is going to have the power to bind, and to command loyalty. I went to church when I felt like it, and when I didn't. no big deal..."

--Rod Dreher, in Crunchy Cons.



Anonymous Scott K said...

A more appropriate tag line would be "THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH: It's all about you."

10 April, 2006 07:55  

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