23 October 2006

Anglican & Uppercase "C" Catholic?

Contra my cynicism, Professor Tighe intimates that something substantial is in the wind:

"I have no idea what is in the works, if anything; certainly, I have not been informed by the Vatican or Abp. Myers. But I know that one major Continuing Anglican body's bishops have formally sought sacramental union and communion with Rome, either as an "Anglican Catholic Church" (a "uniate" body with its own hierarchy) or as an "Apostolic Administration" -- and that there have been consultations between certain Anglican Communion bishops (stalwart opponents of the ordination of women) associated with the Forward-in-Faith organization and Roman officials and Catholic prelates. It has been intimated to me that certain "proposals" are to be presented to the pope in November that will deal with Rome's "stance" toward catholic-minded groups and organizations within the Anglican Communion, Continuing Anglican churches of a "Catholic" orientation and even catholic-minded Lutheran organizations and bruderschaften in Germany and Scandinavia and an ex-Lutheran body such as the Nordic Catholic Church in Norway; and that since these proposals have been formulated specifically at the pope's behest they have a good chance of being implemented."


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