27 February 2007

Titanic Tripe.

James Cameron and archeologist/film maker Simcha Jacobovici have produced a documentary film in which they claim to have discovered (and scientifically verified) the tomb of Jesus, Mary, and Mary Magdalene - thus disproving the our Lord's resurrection. A couple comments:
  1. James Cameron foisted "The Titanic" on the American film-going public and hasn't yet served a day in prison - where is the justice?
  2. Yawn.
  3. This particular debunking has been debunked for a long time, and if you're interested, you can find a list of resources here; a good quick look is from N.T. historian Ben Witherington.
  4. "If, as seems likely, the conclusions prove somewhat less than airtight, the most instructive aspect of the film will be the public's reaction to it.
    Cameron and Jacobovici will mortally offend many Christians. Some critics will personally vilify them, while others question their motives and integrity.
    But prominent Christian clergymen won't issue any death warrants, and the Vatican won't call upon "all believing Christians" to avenge the insult. Neither Cameron nor Jacobovici will have to spend the next decade or so in hiding.
    Now imagine if they'd gone after Mohammad instead of Jesus . . ." --(
    Mark Goldblatt)


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