09 February 2007

Worthy Of Note.

Tena Lee, a journalist with our local paper, the Hendersonville Star-News, has devoted her column today to the discernment process in our parish, which she reported on Wednesday (see below). From today's column (not, as far as I can tell, online):
What I don't understand is why the denomination's traditionalists have to be the ones leaving. Members at St. Joseph's recently started a process called "40 Days of Discernment" in which prayer, discussion, and study will figure prominently in the church's decision to break away from the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee - if that's what they choose to do.
Why they have to break away from a group that has deviated themselves from core Biblical teaching is beyond me.
Nevertheless, members seem to be putting thought and prayer into their difficult decision. It's an example - in this day and age - worth noting.
Ms. Lee, whatever her views on these matters might be (and I don't know), gets it.


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